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Apple names Unstuck to Best of 2012 app list

imageEver notice how really good things happen when you’re not looking for them? You’re going about your business, striving to do the best you can, and seemingly out of the blue, welcome news arrives. That’s exactly what happened to us in December when someone told us Unstuck was part of the Best of 2012 on the App Store.

We’re honored, of course. And humbled. And very, very pleased with the grouping Apple put us in. Click here, toggle to iPad, and you’ll find Unstuck as one of six iPad apps deemed as Hidden Gems. “These fantastic apps are the outliers — they don’t fit neatly into categories, but they impressed us by riding trends or forging new ones,” says Apple. 

We’re grateful to Apple, and to you, for making Unstuck a part of your life. Happy New Year!

You can download the free Unstuck iPad app here.

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Reflection on our recent awards

Unstuck has won several distinctions this spring:

• Webby Award for Best Lifestyle App for Tablet
• People’s Voice Webby Award for Best Lifestyle App for Tablet
• An Appy Award for Best Lifestyle App

These industry accolades, we have to admit, have us giddy—who doesn’t like to be liked?  But awards, for us, are not just about popularity and validation. We see them as a good way to build awareness and invite more people to get Unstuck.

Our goal at Unstuck is to help people realize that getting stuck is okay because there are techniques to get unstuck. And every time you get unstuck, your life gets better in some way. Just imagine if some aspect of everyone’s life got better once month. We might not solve the world’s economic woes, but we would benefit from a lot less stress, negative emotions, and unhappiness—all the things that keep us from being, thinking, and creating at our very best.

It’s that simple, really. We win awards, the world becomes a better place. Well, maybe not that simple.

You can download the free Unstuck iPad app here.

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You can help us win a Webby Award

We’re not in the business of winning awards, and yet, in the past couple of months the Unstuck app has been honored with an Appy, and recently nominated for a Webby.

It’s gratifying to have your work recognized, but we don’t enter these competitions so we can feel good about ourselves (okay, maybe just a little). Seriously, our goal with award-winning is to help spread the word about Unstuck. The more momentum the app receives (and we’re on a good roll), the more we’re able to continue to create new kinds of Unstuck experiences for you.

At the end (and beginning and middle) of the day, our aim is to create a movement that helps people live better. That, in turn, will help other people live better. And on and on.

If you’re with us, please take a minute to vote for Unstuck in the People’s Voice Webby Awards — and ask your friends to as well. We thank you for it.

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Getting creative with Unstuck

We’re only a little surprised by how broadly the creative community has embraced the Unstuck app. When you think about it, artistic folk are likely to get stuck more often as they continually strive to devise something new, striking, clever, unusual, unique. That’s a lot of pressure. And staying stuck is not really an option, especially if it’s how you make your living.

Today we’re enjoying the company of four other apps that were specifically designed to spur creativity and are listed, along with us, in Unplggd’s recent post “Apps to Get Inspired, Unstuck or Jumpstart Your Creativity.” We’re happy we can help.

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A single approach to diverse problems

By designing our app for anyone who wants to make a situation better, Unstuck casts a wide net.  Our approach is topic-agnostic, so it works for any kind of stuck moment.  Now that it’s been available for three weeks, it’s a pleasure to see how the app is being used and promoted in fresh and surprising ways.

• The New Yorker’s Goings On blog finds it a tempting alternative to New Year’s resolutions.

• MediaBistro’s GalleyCat recommends Unstuck for overcoming writer’s block.

• Similarly, Creative Blizzard calls it a brainstorming tool for advertising professionals.

• Customer service expert Mike Wittenstein predicts our approach will be used for product selectors on retail shelves.

• On Oprah.com,  the blogger used it to get to the root of a family problem, and says it works for all big decisions, like jobs, relationships, outfits for holiday parties.

• Lifehacker jokes that Unstuck can help overcome lunchtime monotony.

• Tech Cocktail recommends Unstuck for entrepreneurs, who are plagued by questions such as: Should I quit my full-time job? Should we expand the team? Should I be spending more time with my wife?

We think these applications are just the beginning of the Unstuck movement. What do you think? Tell us how you’re using the app.

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