How we get stuck acting like an Avoider

Who hasn’t put something off? For most of us, it’s not a permanent state of being, but when we can’t pull the trigger — even if we want to — it’s time to act in a different way.

When we delay, most of the time it’s because we’re waiting for something, like an answer. Or assistance. Time or money. We might be holding out for acceptance from ourselves or from others. Or — and this is a big one — we might be waiting for the task to become easier. But usually it doesn’t.

When you find yourself acting like an Avoider, there are a couple approaches you could take.

For those of us who favor a methodical strategy, first find out what you’re waiting for. The “Tell Me Why” tool in the Unstuck app is an excellent way to get to the root of it. Sometimes just knowing the true cause is enough to spur action. In other cases, you may need to try one of more of these:

Shift how you see the situation

• Decide if this is an action you believe in

• Devise a step-by-step plan

Ask for help

For the less patient of us, it comes down to just doing it. You need to muster up the kind of courage that pushes you to jump into cold water. At first splash, you get a shock, but within a minute you’re paddling around the pool, encouraging others to join you.

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